Anchors Aweigh

As long as there have been human beings, we have been making excuses.

The man who wants to lose 20 pounds but allows himself to have a piece of cake after dinner every evening because he works hard and “deserves it.” The couple who claims they couldn’t possibly fulfill their dream to travel to South America because they have children. The woman who keeps getting back together with an abusive ex because she believes he’ll be different this time.¬†Excuses are just self-imposed prisons that keep us exactly where we are and procrastinate any real change.

I’d just like to take a moment to say: STOP

Stop it. Right this second. Stop making excuses. Stop staying locked in the same place. Stop limiting your potential. Stop cheating yourself.

Excuses are ship anchors, pinning you to the ocean floor when there’s a vast world out there you could be sailing through. So many reasons we give ourselves for not following our dreams exist solely in our own heads. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to progress.

So put down that cake and get on the treadmill. Have a relative watch your kids for a week. Eliminate anyone from your life who doesn’t make it better. We have the power to do all of these things for ourselves and we simply must.

Make the decision to lift anchor and you’ll be amazed at the places you can go.

ship at sea

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2 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh

  1. I agree! Also, speak your dreams; not your excuses, because whichever one is the loudest is the one you typically wind up following.

    Great blog! Anchors Away!

  2. Great blog! I fully agree. I couldn’t help think about the Mad TV sketch with comedian Bob Newhart called “Stop It.” It is on YouTube, and worth the view. It jokes at the concept, but there is a lot of truth in it.

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