A Study of Impatience

Over the past 2 years I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure to work with a wonderful German photographer on two different projects. He’s a funny, insightful man and a brilliant artist. Much like my father, he’s young at heart and eternally playful.

Our first assignment together was a week-long shoot up and down the California coastline. On the second or third day of the shoot I asked him how he got into photography. He turned me, smiled, and said, “I was impatient in painting.”

Of course I laughed, but he was also telling me something very real and truthful. By identifying what he didn’t have the patience for, he found something that suits him much better. I realized that focusing on what you don’t like can be as much of a guide in life as focusing on what you do enjoy. Pay attention to what makes you impatient and explore other solutions.

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One thought on “A Study of Impatience

  1. Good point. Reminds me of the book “Strength Finders” which encourages people to focus more on what they are good at instead of trying to improve what they are not good at.

    I’m really enjoying your blog!

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